Z3X Easy-Jtag Box

Z3X Easy-Jtag Box is a Jtag box made by Z3X Team. It is a result of 4 years development by z3x team which makes it the most reliable servicing / jtag tool on the market.





Z3X Easy JTAG is a 2-in-1 (JTAG box and JTAG finder) device that allows its owner to service a wide range of HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, SONY, ZTE and other phone models like HTC Desire/Wildfire S/One X LTE, .Samsung GT-I9500/GT-i9300, Z3X, Huawei U8180. Easy JTAG is considered to be a highly professional JTAG programming device that enables phone servicing via JTAG interface. The devices itself can be united into common chains to assure the fastest and most reliable phone servicing. Z3X Easy JTAG can revive mobile devices with dead boot sections, routers, smartphones, PDAs, modems, mp3 players, etc. EasyJTAG Software works with almost all versions of Windows OS providing fast and easy interface for devices’ recovery.
Z3X Easy JTAG – Outstanding Features
Supports latest Android Samsung phones.
Supports LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones.
Support for a wide range of Anycall phones.
Supports latest HTC and Sony Ericsson phones (repair, unlock, rebrand, etc.).
Support for a wide range of other hardware platforms like ZTE, HUAWEI, AMOI and others.
UltraFast pinout detection algorithm (fastest in the market)
Multi TAP detection support (up to 3 TAPs in scan chain)
Detection of main JTAG pins (TCK, TMS, TDO, TDI and TRST)
Manual pinout selection and correction from GUI
Save and restore found pinouts in profiles
Static JTAG lines: GND (wired on 20th pin of JTAG header)
Maximal finder pin count: 19 (can be extended to 26 with RJ45 port)
Maximal time for detection pinouts: 15s
Regular firmware updates


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