Multimeter Needle Probe





1000 V 20A thin tip needle Multi meter test probe / digital multimeter tester


Features: Using advanced ultra-soft PVC silicone line, anti-blocking soft handle, 10CM copper needles, the front gilt design, manipulation table pen test is

more sensitive and more accurate, good quality and ultra-durable. Line power meter can be used table written very sharp, very suitable for measuring very

small IC pins, LED lamps and components


Name: 20A 1000V large special gold-plated copper needle tip Universal multimeter pen


Material: copper needle tip, soft bar, full jacket, crosshead socket, ensure the validity of the connection;


Specifications: Cable length 90cm, table pen stick long 15cm, 2.2cm effective probe


High and low temperature conditions: 0degree ~ 40degree


Package:1 Pcs  Multi needle point probe test meter / Lead

1 red + 1 black. About 1 meter in length with terminal.

(Packed in air bubble envelope.)


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